Power System Protection and Protective Relaying Links

Web sites related to power system protection and relaying. I hope this list is fairly comprehensive and international for relay, software, and test set mfrs, but in several areas it reflects where I live and work, the USA. The page is non-commercial; clicking on a link or including a link does not benefit me. Please send suggestions and companies I've missed to: johnhorak@p-r-eng.com (@ Protective Relay Engineering Inc). 

UTILITY/CRITICAL SERVICE PROTECTIVE RELAYS: ABB Products A-Z  ABB Automation  Alstom(Areva)-Relays  Basler Electric  Beckwith Electric  Bresler  CEE  Cooper  DEIF  Easun-Reyrolle  Eaton/CH  ERL Phase/NxtPhase  Fanox  Hawker-Siddeley  GE Products A-Z  GE Manuals  GE/Multilin  GE DocSearch  IngeTeam(TeamArteche)  I-Gard  MicroElettricaScientifica  Orion Italia  P&B Eng  Qualitrol  Reyrolle/Siemens  RFL  Schneider  Schweitzer Eng  Siemens  Siemens/Siprotec  Solcon  Sprecher  SquareD/Sepam  Startco  Thytronic  Toshiba  Vamp  WH/ABB EM Relays  Woodward  ZIV 
COMMUNICATIONS (Pilot, Power Line Carrier): Datel  Positron  PulsarTech  RFL  INDUSTRIAL GRADE PROTECTIVE & CONTROL RELAYS: ABB/SSAC  Arteche  BaslerElectric(BE3)  Bender  ComAp  Crompton/Tyco  Crompton/KTech  E-Max  Hobut  RMS  TimeMark  Woodward  Zhejiang  INSTRUMENT XFMRS: ABB  Alstom  Altea  Arteche  CG  Crompton  FlexCore  GE-ITI  Hobut  ITEC  ITL  Kappa  Lindsey Ritz  Schneider  Trench  FUSES: CooperBussmann  Eaton/CutlerHammer  FerrazShawmut/Mersen(+GE EJ)  Littelfuse  S&C-Products  Siba  LV CIRCUIT BREAKERS: ABB  Eaton/CutlerHammer  EC&M Mfr List  GE Industrial  Hyundai  Schneider/SquareD-US  Siemens  Mitsubishi  UtilityRelayCo 
DISCUSSION GROUPS: Engineering Tips-ElectricPwrEng(general power engineering)  Power Globe(general power engineering, protection emphasis)  Yahoo Pwr Sys Prot Discussion Grp(for the devoted relaying engineer)  Usenet-System Prot, via Google(Usenet based, low applicable activity) 
Can't find it here? A couple sites with extensive lists of electrical equipment mfrs, svcs, articles:  EC&M Electrical Resource  ThomasNet 


SEARCH ENGINES: SearchEngineList  Ask  Bing/Microsoft  Dogpile  Google  Mamma  Yahoo  GENERAL INFO: Wikipedia(Search on electric power terms)  GENERAL NEWS: BBC  CNN  Drudge  iGoogle  GoogleNews  MSN  NPR  Reuters  Wikipedia  Yahoo  ECONOMICS: Google  Jesse'sCafe  NPR  SeekingAlpha  Yahoo  INTERNET RADIO: BBC Radio  Live365  NPR  Rhapsody  MAPS: Bing/Microsoft  Google  Mapquest  MEDICAL: Family Practice  Medscape  WEATHER: NOAA  WeatherChannel  MISC. ODD STUFF:  Brewster  DavesGarden  Lulu  redbubble  SkySurvey 
An interesting site: Flat Rock, which has this page that says something to me: Wanting A Meal 
FAULT ANALYSIS, RELAY COORDINATION, VOLTAGE DROP, ARC FLASH (some in list also do topics seen in the next section): Amtech  ASPEN  CAPE/Electrocon  CYME/Cooper  DataShare/PwrConsultants  DIgSILENT  EasyPower/ESA  ELPLEK  EDR  PowerAnalytics/EDSA  ETAP  LM Photonics  MilSoft  Neplan  PowerAnalytics/EDSA  PSI  SKM 
OTHER ELECTRICAL ANALYSIS (EM transients, large system load flow/transients/simulation/stability, DFR event data analysis, ground grid design, harmonic analysis, etc. See section above, also):  Bigwood/BSI  Commonwealth  DSA Tools  EMTP-ATP  EMTP-RV  HydroQuebec  Pwr Sys Test Archv  PowerWorld  PQ Soft/Electrotek  PSCad/Manitoba  PSSE Siemens  RTDS  SES  SoftStuf  Synergee/GL  Terco  TLI  VR Energy 
General Purpose Math Software: Mathematica/Wolfram  MatLab/MathWorks  PTC/MathCAD  Math References/Assistance: Math2.org  Mathtools.net  Mathworld/Wolfram  Interesting Excel AddIn: XLC Calcs  Interesting Calculators for Power System Analysis: DrGrady-UT  IEEE Power Educ Committee Resources  Desktop/Adroid/WinCE/Palm/Ipod Calculators:  CreativeCreek  Free42S  NthLab/RPN  Simtel(category: business/calculator)  UnitConversion  ZD-Net(search: calculator engineering)  Stand-Alone Calculators: Casio  Hewlett Packard  HP Calculator Museum  Texas Instruments 
Online Electrical Calcs (conduit fill, voltage drop, etc.): Electrician2 
RELAYING TECHNICAL INFORMATION:  Sources for relay tech literature; also see mfr's instruction manuals. List of resources: EngineeringTips 
DOWNLOADABLE TECHNICAL MATERIAL: ABB  ActaPres-Jrnl Pwr&Energy  BaslerElectric  BeckwithElectric  ClassicPapers-UnivWaterloo  Cooper  Eaton/CutlerHammer  Eaton-TCCs  ElectricManuals  Free e-Books  GE-Relay Manuals  GE-TechLit  IEEEXplore  IEEE-PSRC-Pub Rpts  IntPwrSysTrnsnts  I-Gard  IRIS/Arga  Manta Compilation  NERC SPCS  NERC-eLib  NERC-SysProt  NETA  NEI-Nelson  Patterson  Powell  PowerSystemEngResearch  PowerSystemStudies  PowerTechnology-Videos  PwrSysEngResearchCenter  Quanta Tech/Burke  RFL  RUS(Rural Utility Svc)  Schweitzer  Schneider  Storm-CopperSpecs  ThomasNet  ThomasNet Articles  Weidmann-Xfmr Gas  BOOKS/ENGINEERING TEXTS: Amazon  ABB-Old WH Books  AlexanderPub's  AlstomT&D Text  Barnes&Noble  CRC Press-T&F Group  EPC/StPierre&SC&Calcs  IEEE Pubs/Stds  IET-PwrSysProt  Taylor&Francis  McGrawHill  PennWell  Wiley-IEEE-Power  CONFERENCES, TRAINING:  Training from relay, software, engr co's, etc. are not listed.  Protective Relaying Conferences: GeorgiaTechRelayConf  GeorgiaTechFaultDisturbance  TexasA&MRelayConference  WashingtonState-WPRC  WSHO  Schools with Power Program:  IEEE article "Power Engineering Education Resources" has list of schools with power programs. Draft report might be at PwrSysEngResearchCenter  Misc. Training Resources: Electrical Training(AVO)  ETA  EPCE  IEEE Education  Electrician/NEC Texts: Licensed Electrician 
IEEE Relaying Society: PES PSRC  Other IEEE Societies: IAS  NESC  PES  PES/Communications  PES/Substations  PES/Transformers  PES/T&D  REPC  SCC21/1547  Standards  Other IEEE Sites: IEEE Home  IEEE Education  Consultants Database  IEEE Research: Xplore  INTERNATIONAL RELAYING STANDARDS/ORGs: British Standards Inst  IEC  IET(was IEE)  IET Power  OTHER STANDARDS RELATED ORGs: ANSI  CIGRE  CIGRE-Protection  Edison Electric  EGSA  EPRI  InstrumentNet  IntPwrSysTrnsnts  ISO  NCEES  NEC+  NEMA  NERC-Stds  NETA  NFPA  NRECA  NSPE  PEARL  RUS(Rural Utility Svc)  UL  PROTOCOL: DNP  Modbus  61850(Wikipedia) 
RELAY TEST SETS: Calvada  CEE  Doble  Enoserv  ETAP ARTTS  Fluke  IRIS/Adwel  ISA  Kingsin  Kocos  Manta  Megger(AVO,Programma)  NeoTeleTronics  Omicron  ProtRelayTest  Ponovo  RelayEngSvcs  SMC-Norma  Startco  Suntech  T&R Test Eq  Tesient  Udey  Vanguard  OTHER TEST EQUIPMENT: AEMC  HighVoltage  Hipotronics  Kelman  Origo  Phenix  Power Elect  UtilX  Weidmann  Von  Zensol  TEST/ISOLATION Sw's/Devices: ABB FT Sw  GE FT Sw  SecuControl  States  DISTRIBUTOR, MISC TEST EQPT: StanleySupply  Techncl Diagnstc Svcs  Mitchell Instrument  RENTAL: ElectroRent  ORGANIZATION, Testing Service Co's: IterNat Elect Test Association (NETA) 
ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS: Not comprehensive, but at least representative. 
ANNUNCIATORS: Ametek  Ronan  BATTERIES/CHARGERS/UPS: Alcad  Douglas  Alpha  Exide  Enersys  Hawker  Primax  SBS  SENS  Yuasa   Battery System Monitoring: Bender  BTech  Eumac  CABLE: Anixter  Cerro  GeneralCable  Kerite  Okonite  Southwire  Cable mfr listing:  EC&M Electrical-Cables  CIRCUIT BREAKERS, CIRCUIT SWITCHERS, SWITCHES(HV/MV), RECLOSERS: ABB  Alstom(Areva)  Arteche  Cleaveland/Price  Cooper  Eaton/CutlerHammer  FederalPacific  G&W  GE  Hubbell/Chance/USCO  Hyundai  JapanAE  Joslyn  Maysteel  Mitsubishi  SDCEM  Siemens  Southern States  Schneider  S&C  CktBkr SF6: Dilo  FAULT LOCATOR: Cooper  EOSchweitzer  GridSense  FAULT RECORDERS: Ametek  E-Max  ERLPhase  MehtaTech  Qualitrol(Hathaway,BEN)  USI  FIBER OPTIC HARDWARE: Fiber Inst Sales  Fiso  H&L  GENERATORS(STANDBY): Caterpillar  Cummins  Kohler  METERING, POWER QUALITY: (most relay mfrs and major equipment suppliers also sell metering products and are not listed) Ametek(Rochester/ScientificColumbus)  ArgaCntrls  Daytronic  Dranetz/BMI  Echelon  ElectroIndustries  Fluke  MeterDevices  OhioSemitronics  Satec  SignalCrafters  Transdata  POLES: Sabre  RADIO COMM.: FreeWave  Telemetric  SCADA: ABB Automation  ACS  AppliedSystemEngineering  B&B  BlackBox  ControlMicrosystems  DAQ  Garrett/Dymec  Itron  NettedAutomation  NovaTech  QEI  RuggedCom  Saipa  Schneider  Subnet  Survalent  TWACS/Aclara  Wonderware  SURGE/LIGHTNING PROTECTION:Later  SWITCHES, LOCKOUT RELAYS: ElectroSwitch  GE  TIME BASE PRODUCTS: NIST  Arbiter  Techron  TRANSFORMERS & Tap Cntrls: ABB  Alstom  Atvus-SP/PR  Beckwith Electric  Brush(FKI)  CG/Pauwels  DeltaStar  FederalPacific  Fundamentals  HICO-Hyosung  Howard  Hyundai  Kelman  Krenz  JapanAE  JHSP  Mitsubishi  Phoenix  Prolec-GE  Reinhausen  Shihlin  Siemens  Skot/FT  Smit  Sunbelt  TBEA  Toshiba  Virginia  VonRoll(Enerco/Elco)  Waukesha  WEG  MISC EQPT SUPPLIERS: GE Buylog  Thomas&Betts 
Stocked Electrical Equipment:  ELECTRICAL EQUIP DISTRIBUTORS: EC&M Electrical Distributors  Allied  AutomationDirect  DigiKey  Grainger  Newark  NEW,USED RELAYS/BREAKERS: Belyea  Ckt Bkr Sales-Relays  Genassis  Group CBS  PEARL  PEARL Members  Surplus Record 
SYSTEM PROTECTION RELATED: PAC-World  EC&M  EL&P  T&DWorld  RELATED ELECRIC POWER INDUSTRY: EGSA  Electric Energy  ElecricityToday  ENR  ModernPowerSystems  Platts  Power Eng  GENERAL INFO: California Energy Comm Links Page  EdisonElectric  ElectricFind  Electricity Forum  Electrical-Online  ElectricNet  EnergyCentral  EnergyInformationAdmin  Generation Inventory(DOE)  Power Marketers  PowerTechnology  PublicUtilReports  UTILITY INFO: Utility Connection Main  UC SiteMap  UDI-Platts Main  MISC. ORGS/AGENCIES: Col REA  DOE  DOE Energy Info Admin  FERC  NEA  NERC  NRECA  NSPE RUS(Rural Utility Svc)  PwrPlants4Sale  PUCs: PUC Listing All States (via NYPUC)  PUC California  PUC Colorado  PUC Texas  US COORDINATING COUNCILS: ERCOT  FRCC  MRO  NPCC  RFC  SERC  SPP  WECC  DISTRIBUTED GENERATION: California DG Resource Guide  New York PSC  PG&E  XCEL  RENEWABLE ENERGY: AmerWindEnergyAssoc  DSIRE  HomePower  NREL  SolarEnergyIndAssoc 
EMPLOYMENT: CareerJet  Contract Employment Weekly  Electrical Engineer  EnergyCentralJobs  EngineeringJobs  GridCareers  IEEE Consultants Database  IEEE-Careers  Latas  Lineal  Monster  NationJob  PowerRecuiters  ThinkEnergy  USAJobs  SALES REP GROUPS: MANA(Mfr Agent Nat Ass.)  MRA(Mfr Rep Ass)  MRF  ENGINEERING COMPANIES,list: ENR  I am hesitant to list engineering companies; there are too many, but a few smaller Co's I've dealt with:  Exponential  NEI  Patterson  PeakPwr  RAI 

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